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Giving Back

The Swiss Dragon Boat Association represents the Dragot boat sport in Switzerland, by committing to promote sport in Switzerland. SDBV is a part of the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF).

In 1970s Hong Kong Tourist Association decided to promote the country by organising the  Dragon Boat Festivals, which a first festival held in 1976. The festivals gained impressive popularity and became the annually held events as Hong Kong International Races.

The clubs that took part in the HKIR members became a foundation of the International Dragon Boat Federation in 1991, European Dragon Boat Federation  and Asian Dragon Boat Federation. These three Federations are now govern the Dragon Boating over 60 countries.

Eglisau Club is actively participates as a part of Swiss National team.

More about SDBV here.

Drachenboot Eglisau Club

Eglisau Dragon Boat Club is both a competitive and fun club, formed in 1993 and based on the Rhein river, with an easy commute from Zurich main station. We offer training in Dragon Boat, Outrigger and Stand Up Paddle Board for everyone!

Our clubs participates annually in local as well as international competitions. We have experienced and highly professional Coach Team, who  also coach the Swiss National Team (read more about our coach team here here)

We are now counting over hundred members and every year take part in national and international regattas and championships and recruiting more members, so sign up for a free trial training to try Dragon Boat!


Our mission

Eglisau Club aims to promote the Dragon boat racing sport at both competitive and recreational levels across Switzerland and encourage more people to undertake this sport. This sport is for everyone and every level!


Our Values

Team spirit – this sport is all about working together as one team, one boat. No one is left behind, buddy’s support is vital for success and motivation for all members.

Respect – we are committed to be open and welcoming to everyone, equality is what we treasure, in the end only by treating each other well and with respect, we can together achieve the goals.

Commitment – as in any sport, dedicating time to training takes time, patience, discipline and most importantly the commitment to the training and a team. We work together to represent the club across Swiss national events and abroad at the European competitions and the World Cup.




Aktivmitglied Drachenboot 150 CHF (mit OC, SUP)

Juniormitglied Drachenboot 75 CHF

                         Sign Up for Membership

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